The Veiled Oasis


You're reading The Veiled Oasis, created in December of 2010 as my final project for Intro to Transformative Studies, a course in the Transformative Studies Ph.D. program at California Institute of Integral Studies, taught by Robin Robertson and F. David Peat.

The Veiled Oasis is written in hypertext, which means it's in the form of a whole bunch of web pages connected to one another by links. These links appear as words and phrases within the text that are in a different color from the rest of the text, and are underlined. To continue reading The Veiled Oasis, just click any link.

On many of the pages of The Veiled Oasis, the text consists of quotes from books, poems, and other sources. Where this is the case, the author is clearly identified on the page in question.

If no other author is specified on a given page, it means that the text on that page was written by me. Some of the text by me was written specifically for The Veiled Oasis, while some of it I'd already written for other purposes.


- Nick Walker, December 2010